As a management consultant I am always interested in the story behind the story of an organisation, be this a profit, non profit  or a military organisation. In the literature military organisations are seldom analayzed in the way civil organisations are analyzed, military organisation and military history are the terrain of historians. These are not really the people trained in the analysis of organisation, they discribe the actual actions of these organisations, regardless they way they are trained or led.  That is the reason I started to analyse military organisation the 'management consultant' way.  Two authors also inspired me, Trevor Dupuy and Martin van Creveld. These authors give this extra dimension that I missed so much in the works of the military historians. After six books the various military subjects, I combined all my knowledge in a manuscript of which you can find an extract on this website. Comments and additions can be sent to jjbrouwer@c2i.nl 



I published 6 books on military history in Dutch and 5 books in English on the Dutch industry, besides numerous artucles and books on the Dutch  healthcare. For the books on the Dutch industry, use this link, for the other books use this link.


Jaap Jan Brouwer